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Point of View
and if you wanted to drown you could, but you don’t...~David Whyte

Monday, January 12, 2009

La Paz - Baja Sur

La Paz, Mexico. Blessed sun and plenty of it – I am here for a month, my first trip to Mexico. I won’t say how many years have passed, but I will say it’s about time.
I love the sound of the Spanish language. It has a lyric quality, comforting, soft and lilting, yet it is a passionate language also. The tempo and emphasis may change but it all comes from the same composer with its many different symphonies. I’m reminded of music lessons from my childhood. Black notes, clef treble, flats and sharps, three over four, one-quarter time, allegra, stacatto, lento; it all returns. Listening is like reading music.
There is a warm wind that blows in the afternoon. The weather is mild, hotter here in winter than our Homer summer. It cools quickly with sunset but not cool enough for a heater. We’ve needed an extra blanket once or twice, if that.
Managed to get hooked up electronically with phone and internet service today. It is, after all, a post-modern world. I am getting many opportunities to practice my Spanish. The people are friendly and, not only don't seem to mind my attempts to communicate, but go out of their way to assist me with their language. I have a long way to go with that, but am enjoying the journey.
More from the Baja Sur to come. Hasta leugo...

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